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Derek Hansen's Bio

Pastor Derek Hansen is a missionary with Word for the World Baptist Missions out of Rossville, Georgia. After graduating from college at Open Door Bible Institute, Derek has spent 24 years laboring in the Word of God in his local church and working with the youth and outreach ministries. His passion for evangelism is one of his true strengths and has afforded him many opportunities to share the gospel with people worldwide. Derek has tremendous grace with people, and as a Pastor, he bears the burden of many as he walks alongside them in true discipleship. Pastor Derek's sincere, humble, and authentic character has also enabled him to build strong relationships with many pastors across the United States for Foreign Missions. Through much prayer and labor, Derek and his wife acquired a new building in September of 2022 to hold church services in Punta Arenas, Chile. Derek was a volunteer firefighter out of high school and spent 11 years with the United States Forrest Service. He was a smoke jumper at West Yellowstone and Missoula, Montana. While on fire in Washington, Derek rescued a woman during a medical evacuation. He later told her about Christ and saved her the second time spiritually. The two married, becoming Derek and Alicia Hansen, and raised two boys while serving together in the ministry. His tenacity, perseverance, and tremendous faith have prepared him for the rigors and rewarding work of ministry and foreign missions. When Derek is not working, you can find him watching football or taking a nap in his favorite chair, but he will tell you he has no problem doing both simultaneously.

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Alicia Hansen's Bio

Alicia Hansen is a missionary with Word for the World Baptist Missions out of Rossville, Georgia. She has worked alongside her husband in the ministry for 24 years, using her skills and education as a lead administrator in office management and community manager. She also provides Christian education in Language Arts and Bible studies for ages 4-12 and adult women's groups. Alicia has built strong relationships with some of the most respected churches across the United States for foreign missions. She currently serves in Latin America, learning a cross-cultural exchange in language acquisition and a new social experience while endeavoring in local evangelist campaigns; she and her husband are currently planning a new church plant in Punta Arenas, Chile. Alicia is a faithful and passionate witness for the Lord Jesus Christ in daily life and public ministries. Her ability to share her testimony has inspired many to become Christians and to serve in the church. Her experience as a volunteer chaplain and education at the International TEFL Academy as a teacher of English as a Second Language drove her to pursue an English degree that would allow her to connect with the people of her community meaningfully. Before she devoted herself to the joys of the ministry, Alicia was a Wildland Firefighter with the United States Forest Service for 12 years. One of her most significant accomplishments was raising and homeschooling her two boys while serving in ministry alongside her husband. You can find her with the family grilling up BBQ and reading a good book when she's not in her office.